Begin new year with guide “Vini d’Italia 2024” published by Gambero Rosso. We know this guide is out in ongoing year but contecxt is for the next year. Great scores for wines of Cantina Del Giusto where Vino Nobile di Montepulciano is the best for tastings, especially with:

  • San Claudio II, the traditional Vino Nobile made with autocton grapes of Sangiovese, 10% Canaiolo nero e 5% Mammolo, that ages for 2 years only in big barrels of wood like tradition wants. 2 Bicchieri;
  • Baradiero, same grapes percentage but aged part in big barrels of wood and part in small barrels to grant wine a perfect balance between elegance and power. 2 bicchieri;
  • San Claudio II -RISERVA-, same grapes percentage but one more year aged in small barrels to grant wine a velvet and long taste. 1 Bicchiere.

Here are the considerations directly from the Gambero Rosso “Vini d’Italia 2024” guide:

“The Nobile San Claudio II ’20 smells of plum

and cherries, wild herbs and earth, with spicy hints. There is no lack of substance in the mouth and the sip structure is never tiring, indeed proving pleasantly fragrant and continuous. Well executed the solid and articulate Nobile Baradiero ’19”

Alla Salute!

Gambero Rosso 2024