The Cantina Del Giusto is a small size farm situated near the foot of Montepulciano in the area of Acquaviva; it is managed by the family Del Giusto, by their three generations of winegrowers and oil producers in the territory of Montepulciano, who themselves look after the production and marketing.
The story begin with Giulio Del Giusto around 1930 when start to produce wine in the cellars of ancient lords, second world war doesn’t stop him and in 1950 he start to produce wine in his family farm. In the meanwhile he pass all his knowledge to the son Piero that in 1995 with his wife Luisa opened a big farm to let know all people his wine passion.
In 1997 inaugurated the ageing cellar and in 2005 the new winemaking cellar. In 2012 Piero Del Giusto leaves to the grandson his wealth of experience, love and passion for his earths.

The Family

From right Piero Del Giusto, his wife Luisa Neri, the grandson Niccolò Mariani


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