Wine Enthusiast, 2018 scores

Janauray, February in those months grapes stop their work, roots starting letargy to wake uo when in spring temperatures start to grow. Maybe a sleep period for grapes but a great period for wine tastings: magazines give theri points to wines and producers start to taste new vintages with clients during the Anteprima event for each Denominazione.

Year starts so good with Wine Enthusiast scores, the american wine magazine no needs presentation. Under magnifying glass of the italian editor of Wine Enthusiast Keren O’Kefe there are Nobile di Montepulciano “San Claudio II” and Nobile di Montepulciano “Baradiero”. Both wines come from 2014 vintage a so much difficult vintage in which has been so difficult arrive to maturation step for bunches. This is due by too much rain, temperatures during summer lower than other years; more ice frost  attached vineyards in random spot and this means is more difficult blend bunches beform fermentation process. But is in hardest times producer’s talent come out and for us is an honor obtain 87/100 for Baradiero and 89/100 for San Claudio II during the most difficult harvest of the last 20 years.

Wine Enthusiast Awards