In the state of Ontario in Canada there is a monopoly for alcoholic products, a bit like it works in Italy for alcoholic beverages (above a certain alcoholic strength) and for tobacco. The situation is very similar in Italy: in the alcoholic products market (gin, rum, vodka …) there is a wide choice and there are more and more brands available; the same happens in Ontario where every month the Monopoly inserts many labels of wine and spirits coming from all over the world. collects all the reviews of the wines to explains and let costumers know and understand what’s inside the bottle waiting. It is the point of reference for those who want to know all the wine news.

Below are the scores and tasting notes according to

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  • San Claudio II – Vino Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG 2017: Sangiovese attributes dominate on the nose of this Tuscan blend—black cherry, dark plum, cold tea and a dry oregano hint. An excellent integration of alcohol on the palate leaves all the space to cherry and blackberry flavours along with earthy and savoury notes and a suggestion of piquant cinnamon trailing in the finish and aftertaste. This excellent medium-full-bodied red will shine at the table with slowly-simmered meat or Italian sausages on the grill. Aerate/decant two hours before service. (Louise Boutin)
  • Fontegrande – Rosso di Montepulciano DOC 2018: Muted at first, this beautiful Italian red discloses its personality with a vigorous swirl—purple plum, raspberry, fresh rose petal and a bright thyme note in the backdrop. It flows on the palate with lots of juicy black and red fruit flavours, excellent acidity, silky fine-grained tannin and no obvious sign of the high alcohol level. This is the bottle you’ll enjoy with charcuterie, red sauce pizza or stuffed bell peppers but you’ll want to save some or open a second one for after dinner sipping. (Louise Boutin)